10 Brilliant White Inspirations Design Ideas

There are many ways of using the color white for interior design in our homes. Neutral colors other than white is also a symbol of elegance and brightness. White is a symbol goodness and purity. White is very far away from the word “boring” but you might need to add other colors such as black, Brown, and Gray to make the interior design look beautiful and elegant. When you want to apply the color white for the interior design of your House, then there are tips that may be useful for you. First, even though it looks graceful, white as one particular shade requires another color for the precision of usage. The combination of white and black can make one of the most popular combination in the design of the House.

The colors are similar to the white color as a Brown, gray, or bright colors such as yellow and red. Use two or three color combinations would create a modern design to the whole room in your home. For example, you can use black color for cabinets and gray to the carpet. To enter the warmth in your interior design, choose the color white with ivory or cream can also be another option. White furniture with a white background will give your living room look wider than the original. You can use the black fireplace as accents to offset the white color is dominant in the living room.

All white living room design with spiral staircase

All white living room design ideas with white sofas, white wall, white chairs, white curtains, and white ceilings.

Big sofas and gray rug for family room

For your family room you can use big white sofas and gray rug in the fron of the white cabinets.

Black and white living room with big sofas

The images of living room area with black and white design which there is black fireplace that use some candle and black table.

Elegant design for children room

When you come in your children’s room, you can use wood floors with brown color among white bedroom furnitures.

Full white kitchen furnitures

White kitchen island with high chairs look very amazing and brightly.

Hidden bokshelf for living room

Behind the panel you can create hidden bookshelf which is covered by white panels so it looks like a wall.

Sprial staircase to your bedroom in the second floor

A white spiral staircase connects to the second floor towards your bedroom. Very graceful with white on the entire body ladder.

Staircase to second floor

Another staircase design in the house with the white theme with a dark wood floor looks very beautiful and fantastic.

White bathtub beside bedroom vanity

White bathroom with all white bathroom furniture like, bathroom vanity and bathtub. White floor and white wall with big mirror make this bedroom look bigger.

White bedroom decor with fur pillows

For your main bedroom, white design combining with brown make your bedroom warm, inviniting, and amazing look.

White is a color that is extremely flexible, good and bad depending how you decorate your room and make them seem modern, classic, romantic or dramatic. You can see in the image above that black color in a white living room make the living room look more elegant and modern. Go to nature, and bringing the elements of wood to your home to make it more interesting and making changes to the whole interior design. You can create a natural and beautiful look while retaining the color white as the dominant color. Wait for what again? It’s time to go with your idea for white home design ideas.

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