Cheerful Yellow Walls Living Room Interior Decor

The colors in your home have the power to alter the mood and feeling. Dilcon Painting professionals say that the best way to make your home seem inviting, welcoming, and comfortable is to carefully choose the colors you want to paint your home with. Yellow paint on the walls of a home have always been a feature that conveys optimism and brightness. No matter what room is painted, the freshness of yellow has the power to attract good moods and invoke feelings of happiness. Based on some reliable research, this color also can activate our mind as well as stimulate our senses. If we break down the yellow in a group of color palettes, we will find that the muted versions work as a soothing stimulant. A pale yellow will make the room appear larger than it really is. When we can control the hue of this color, then we can control the mood that this color gives off.

Although the color yellow is a great choice for the walls of your home, you don’t want to do overdo it. Some homeowners use a wallpaper that has floral patterns or splashes of white to neutralize the strong vibe of the yellow.  any motive that combine different color such as white to neutralize the strong vibe of yellow. If you are trying to mix and match your furniture or belongings, try to tie in shades of yellow to create a balance. We have found that the best approach to furnishing a yellow room is to keep it minimalistic. Keep the focus of the room on the yellow wall and not on bulky pieces of furniture or eye-catching decorations.

There are a variety of colors that go well with yellow. Colors such as gray, white, black, navy, and red are great pairings for the color yellow.  Combine a color two to keep from overwhelming your home with the brightness of yellow. Again, avoid dark or heavy furniture to keep the focus on the walls. Combining yellow with dark, brown, wooden furniture can give your home an old fashioned or worn out feeling. Try using modern, light colored pieces for your yellow painted walls.

yellow walls living room interior decor with fireplace

yellow walls living room interior decor with fireplace –

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