Concrete Finish for Your Home Design: Durablitity and Beautifull

Concrete is one of the materials of the House that have high resistance and durability. Many people use the concrete surface for their homes, and currently a way to protect the concrete surface has grown. In addition to ensuring that concrete mixed with the right materials then other effective way is by adding certain chemicals to the finishing process. The concrete sealant is one way that is popular and has proven to be effective in making concrete last longer. Concrete Sealants work by giving a waterproof thin film on the surface of plugging the pores. The film prevents water seeping to the surface of the concrete and the negative impact of moisture on the surface of the concrete.

Currently, you can see almost all of the houses use different types of concrete surface for their home. Concrete is the preferred choice because it is known for more power with the other ingredients. However, the same with other materials, concrete is still potentially for wear and cracks. Therefore, using concrete also should know the factors that may affect the strength of the concrete. Furthermore, the maintenance of required in order to the concrete is awake and looks good. How the use of concrete in home interior design? Let’s see some pictures below.

Biege bed in white bedroom with glass windows

This room using glass wall separate the bedroom and other room. Concrete wall in this room very unique with white decorating theme of this room.

concrete walls for contemporary living room

The living room use concrete wall and wood flooring are the perfect combinations. For beauty decor, tube hanging lamp make this room more elegant and better.

Cool clock hanging in the wall

Big concrete wall as room divider among the kitchen and other room look amazing and use unique clock to decorate the concrete wall.

Cool red armchair in the bedroom

Concrete wall for bedroom very durability and add red armchair for unusual design among the all gray color.

Deep tub for your bathroom

Concrete countertops make this bathroom very dramatic and deep tub with white color complement the bathroom with unique lighting above it.

frosted glass panels in your home office

Frosted glass panels and white wood floor very adorable for your kitchen with gray concept.

Gray bedroom decorating ideas with minimum lighting

High concrete wall in the bedroom with gray decorating ideas make chic bedroom. Beauty accent beside the bed look beauty and nice.

Kitchen area with wood kitchen cabinets

Kitchen area with concrete countertops and single washbashin just separete with a small concrete wall with your dining room.

Sof lighting for your natural room

Minimalis ligting for small room with beautiful wall art is perfect with green tree.

White shelving to organize your book

Image of one room to relax and open shelving is best concept for academic people. Some pot with green trees will enhance the room design.

You can see the concrete surface with the look of subtle or not very characteristic for any room design. Although you must use concrete for almost any element you use, but you can still be creative with, i.e. the decoration for your home. Gray will be the dominant color for the whole design of your home. So, even though you already have a favorite color, then you can incorporate other colors to liven up the atmosphere in a room. For example you can see that the red armchair looks graceful with red sanggat. Congratulations bereksperiment with concrete as its main material in your home.

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