Living Room Dining Room Combo Design Ideas

The living room and dining room combo design can be a hard thing to approach when we have a small house but, there are wide possibilities for the solution regarding this issue. When we see the small house from a different perspective, we eventually will understand that small size also bring intimacy. Somehow, it encourages a minimalist look where we all need that in this complicated world. By careful planning and execution, we will able to make a makeover with stylish touch and arrange it in the more sophisticated arrangement. These days, a lot of resources that can help us in planning the design phase quickly and precisely. Some online free planning program will guide us, and it will give us tools to measuring the exact dimension size. Compare with the conventional attempt, using the online much easier than the old days.

living room dining room combo apartment

To maximizing the living room and dining room combo design are by arranging the furniture in order configuration. Any furniture such as the couch, wine rack (if any), and other dining furniture to place it on the empty side of the wall. By arranging in this way, we can fill the other space cleverly and setting it with a new theme for the living room. One of that come matter is the paint because every time we or any person move the sight – wall and paint have always been the first view compare with any things. As the famous interior designers advise that using the light-colored paint will assist the room to mirror in large dimension. The light-colored lineups such as cream, white, and many more. Painting the ceiling with different soft shade color will also make the vibe inside of these areas more calming than not using it.

Arranging furniture can transform the living room and dining room combo design as if larger than it was. From the technical interior design perspective – this idea is so-called as creating optical illusions. Last but not least is the lighting part where the brighter the room then, the larger the area appears. Using the different type of light bulbs is a creative attempt.

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