Tips To Decorate With Nautical Home Decorations

Add comfort and taste and give your home a theme by integrating nautical home decorations into your cottage or beach house. For a genuine, refined look, check these tips to decorate your home in a nautical style.

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Raid a Ship

Search objects or instruments that were once on a ship at garage sales, online, or flea markets. Search the docks If you have right of entry to a harbor. There are sometimes boats owners who may sell pieces and bits off his boat, or let you see around to find inspiration. Add authenticity to your theme with some fishing net, a ship wheel, old compass, a small anchor, a sextant, or a porthole.Prevent your house from looking like a gallery by picking some high-grade antiques. You can integrate a ship’s instrument into design with practical decor pieces like lamps and clocks. You can make a brilliant frame for a painting or clock with a ship wheels or Portholes. Oil lanterns can add light and nautical home decorations to rooms.

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It is as essential in a home as it is on a boat by having a fresh coat of paint. For nautical home decorations, blue and white are excellent dominant colors, representing the sea and sky. Black also represents water. But it gets boring with only black, white and blue. So add secondary colors like sand dollar white, sandy tan, and sea-foam green.

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Make rooms look larger by adding neutral shades of tan and white to walls and also give more freedom to match colors of furniture and additional decorating pieces. Add enthusiasm and shade with plops of red and yellow. Choose colorful paintings, Bouquets of flowers, blankets or throw pillows carefully to match picked color pattern and keep marine theme.

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Glass Buoys

Spheres buoys made of colorful glass were used in fishing vessels and come in all different sizes. They can add color to nautical home decorations and make for a great communication piece as their interesting history. Japan had been manufacturing a large number of glass buoys and they have been revealed go off up across the western coast of the US. These buoys originally would have been tightly covered in net with a line on the end but you can find them with or without the netting. Create a pouch out of some fishing net to hang some of them from the ceiling and hang the net on the ceiling with a hook.

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