Totally White and Gray Decorating Ideas Give Elegant Touch

White and gray offers modern and elegant touch to your home decor. The two made a home that had been boring turns more vibrant and dramatic. By using both of these colors, you can make your home appeal. Not only that, neutral colors such as white and gray was very wonderful to create simplicity and impact of theater. White and gray are the colors of the two a few neutral colors which allows for variations in interior design is endless.

With neutral colors, you can create a stylish, modern design, dramatic, elegant, and other effects that you want. If you are using white color predominantly, then the result is always a smooth and exciting. Advantages that you can get from a combination of neutral colors this is they can give the impression of quality. If you have a tight budget, though, there are still opportunities for fancy effects you get from some of the home furnishings that came with the colors black, white, gray, beige, etc. For example dark gray for chandeliers combined with white kitchen furniture will add a touch of elegance. For more details, let’s see some pictures that use the gray and white decorating ideas.

Gray living room design ideas with gray sofa

Large gray and white living room with shades of gray are the dominant give elegant effect and looks so amazing with the shiny gray floors.

White chairs for seating area beside your living room

Gray living room cabinets to store your stuff with glass doors really very amazing put beside your sofa and seating areas.

White ceiling with a lot of lighting

The white ceiling with lots of lighting make your living room more shining and white floors more complete the perfection of your home.

Glass room dividers to separate your room

A relaxing space beside living rooms with all-white display are separated by glaas rrom dividers with white curtains.

Floor lamp to create nice decor

Family room with white sofa and gray wall with LCD TV look graceful for a gathering place for all members of your family.

White sofas beside dining areas and large glass window

White and gray decorating ideas for a living room adjacent to the dining room makes the color white as dominant color where Gray was used only for kitchen island and cabinets.

Dining area with big cube lamp and wood dining table

Elegant dining room with stainless steel hanging lamp and four chairs and gray dining table very fantastic and nice.

Gray spiral staircase to easy access

Grey spiral staircase in addition to facilitate your access to the second floor also make your home stylish and increasingly drew the attention of every guest in your home.

Beautiful dark chandeliers to beautify your home decor

This space is more dramatic because it uses gray as the dominant color. You can see a dark gray in the design of this room gives a narrow effect but the two chandeliers can distract you.

oval white bathtub for small bathroom

White bathroom with white bathtub and white wall, white bowl sink, and the mirror make this room look larger. A Orchid flower among the mirrors give beautiful touch.


White and gray were chosen to play all the parts and as a guideline for the entire interior of the House. The perfect combination in any room with a few additional elements and quality pieces provide harmony to your family. While the bedroom and living room are on the top floor, you can have a superb view of the glass window of your home. As the main focus, every room has a decoration accent popularized such as lamps, paintings, chandeliers, etc.  For a small bathroom,  you can use glass in order to make it appear larger in addition to using white color as the dominant color.

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